Be Strong

$14.99 / month with 1 week free trial

Do you like weight training? BE STRONG is a monthly training plan designed to train hard, to build and maintain muscles mass, to tone your muscles at home.

This program is designed to train with dumbbells, and bodyweight exercises.

Are you ready for dumbbells and weights?

BE STRONG is a monthly training plan specific to dumbbells and bodyweight exercises. Our goal here is to build and maintain muscle mass. Yes, it is possible to build solid muscle mass working out at home!

Equipment Required:

  • One light pair of Dumbbells for core and upper body: 3-10 lbs
  • One medium pair of Dumbells to train lower body: 10-25 lbs

At Home


Medium difficulty

Monthly Plan

Please be sure to review the training videos here in detail before jumping in and to practice the basic movements. Avoiding injury is key to any exercise program, especially those incorporating a little bit of weight.

BE STRONG is designed to be performed 5 days per week, including one flexibility session per week.

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