Calories in calories out


My name is Mariela Bravo and I’m a proud, career driven mother with a passion for health and fitness. I was born and raised in Venezuela and have now called the country of Panama my home for 5 years.

I love functional training, being active and maintaining a creative and healthy diet that supports my fitness lifestyle. I can’t wait to share more of my passion and personal insight to help you begin a new fitness journey and ultimately live a better, longer and happier life.

A fitness lifestyle

For nearly two decades, I’ve experimented, learned and collected knowledge to help me better manage
a challenging professional life with a deep desire to look and  feel good while taking care of my body.
My journey began as a runner where, like so many of you, I started with short distances in my local neighborhood. As I improved and my interest grew, so too did the length of my runs. Surpassing, 15, 21 and ultimately 42 kilometers, I graduated to triathlons and have proudly completed several.

How are home training programs born?

I began experimenting with weights about 5 years ago. My natural aversion to heavy weightlifting caused me to drift to functional exercises. An intense interest for light dumbbell workouts developed and my journey continued with several Personal Training Certifications.

Always looking to balance my fitness life with my professional and personal lives, I began designing home workout plans just for me. These combine the most unique aspects of my experience and knowledge of cardiovascular workout techniques, functional, training and body- weight exercises.

After calls for workout advice grew from both friends and family members, I began posting my daily routines on Instagram:

To my delight, page visits grew organically as more fitness enthusiasts found these suggestions both fun and helpful.

Helping you believe that change IS possible inspires me to move forward and to create and share. It also motivates me to develop new goals in my personal fitness journey.

I hope you enjoy this new project as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. Mariela Bravo Fit’s Workout Programs is brand new and I look forward to both your success stories as well as your feedback.