Are you ready for a change in your physical condition? BUR45 is an online training plan, 45 days Functional Training Program design to build muscle mass, burn tons of calories and reduce your body fat.

BURN45 was designed to train at home with dumbbells, and includes a semi tailored nutrition plan.


You are about to begin a change in your physical condition! Get ready to love upcoming results.

BURN45 is a 45 Day dumbbell training program designed to build muscle mass, burn calories and increase muscle tone. By elevating the level of your training, BURN45 will increase your metabolism and work to eliminate excess fat.

This program combines several dumbbell specific movements to create stronger muscles and improve balance and resistance.

BURN45 includes a semi tailored nutrition plan based on your needs, designed by an experienced nutritionist. A targeted diet plan is another key component to have the right amount of energy needed for each day of training.

This training program was designed for those who have a bit of experience with dumbbells and seek even bigger gains and changes to their body.



45 Days

Plan Nutricional

BURN45 includes:

  • 6 training sessions per week
  • Warm up sessions
  • Cool down sessions
  • Nutritional food plan semi tailored
  • InBody mucle mass test (only for Panama)

BURN45 includes live, one hour classes performed by Mariela and Andres. They will complete each session alongside you! All sessions can be done at home.  Attendees need both a light and intermediate pair of dumbbells.  A jump rope is optional, but recommended.