Are you ready to start an amazing challenge training with me for 30 days? BE YOUR BEST is a challenge designed to be in your best shape for Christmas and to start the new year training with the best online training programs. We will build muscle mass, burn tons of calories and reduce body fat at home with live classes. 

You will need a light or intermediate pair of dumbbells and a yoga mat for this challenge.

Are you ready for this challenge? You will love it!

Starting date: November 15th 2021



BE YOUR BEST is a 30 days program training live with me + 2 months training with my online training plans! Our goal is to reach your best shape for Christmas and maintain it for next year. In this challenge you will have:

  • 30 days training with me (4 live sessions per week)
  • Nutrition Plan
  • 2 sessions 1:1 with me
  • Bonus workouts: Inner thigh, cardio, stretching and mobility sessions
  • 30 days sharing our experiences in a private group, with motivational goals every day! 
  • 2 months of any of my Online Training Program
  • BIG PRIZE: ONE YEAR TRAINING WITH MY ONLINE PROGRAMS  + 250 USD for the winner! And a 30% discount for all participants during one year!

This is an amazing opportunity to make a change in your body and find your best shape in a healthy way!



30 days



Once you register, you will receive the nutrition plan according to your weight and goal.

Starting on November 15th, I will be doing a Zoom private live class for this group 4 times per week (Monday, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays) at 8:30 EST Time. In case you can´t connect, you will have a password to access the class for 48 hours. 

Wednesday and Saturdays are for Cardio sessions, you can do any exercise you like and I will share some cardio sessions if you prefer to train cardio at home.

I will have 2 individual calls with all the participants, to know how your progress and to answer any questions you could have.

We will have a chat group in Telegram to share our experiences and to give you motivation goals every day.


Starting on Nov 15th until Dec 15th live classes

Starting on Jan 2022: 2 months of my Online Training Programs



You will need a pair of dumbbells, light or intermediate weight. I will use 10- or 15-pounds dumbbells.

A yoga mat is required.



The winner will have ONE YEAR free to train with any of my online training programs.

30% OFF for the rest of the participants on my online training sessions


2 months of my Online training Programs are included with the registration! You can choose any of them!


250 USD from Oct 23rd until Oct 31st

300 USD from Nov 1st until Nov 13th


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