Workout for kids? As a mother, I understand the difficulties in detaching my son from his devices.  A handful of daily hours on video games and computers seem the new norm.  In this digital world of connectivity, Netflix and social media, promoting an active lifestyle is becoming more of a challenge.  This is a challenge for me too, but it is our duty to find a way through this.  

Yes, it is also important to workout  for kids

If you are a frequent visitor to my site, you know how much we have discussed the importance of physical activity for ALL of us.  Exercise certainly has its physical benefits, but the mental and emotional benefits are often overlooked.  So much evidence points to active kids sleeping better, having better emotional balance and stronger interpersonal skills. 

Here are 4 Helpful Tips for Kids Workout:
  1. Design Active Space at Home.  Even in smaller homes and apartments no matter how small the space in your house we can carve out an area for kids to move and play.  Play games, teach them a few new exercises you’ve learned, or just play.  Giving this area a creative name makes it even that more official! Find some “gym” stuff in my Amazon List.
Workout for Kids
Having fun with Nico and Chamín!
  1. Gear-Up for Kids.  There is no need to introduce young kids to adult exercise equipment.  Just think about fun items here such as a jump rope, a ball, football cones or even a yoga mat. These are all great places to start! 
  1. Make it a family moment, Let’s Play Together! Children learn by example and just like them we also need to move our bodies.  At least once a week workout with your kids: do jumping challenges, circuits with the ball, jump rope together… There are thousands of ideas for kids’ workouts.  Just keep moving!
Family Workout – Only 30 min
  1. Make it a Challenge. Healthy competition is wonderful and encourages our kids to get a little excited.  Try fun movements like the most air squats in 30 seconds, the longest jump possible or even a sprint down the hallway.  Consider adding a small prize, just keep it low in sugar!  

Always looking for creative ways to promote a healthy lifestyle with Nico, I decided to design a training program specific to young kids. This program includes fun, short sessions of no more than 30 minutes with dynamic and fun movements. Stay tuned!

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