As the years go by, our body have natural changes, one of which is the gradual loss of muscle
mass. This process starts at age 30 and accelerates after age 40. Good news is that WE CAN
maintain and even increase your muscle mass when we are over 40 years old. Here I share
some recommendations:

Resistance or strength training

  • Resistance or strength training is essential to maintaining and building muscle mass.
    That means training with weights (dumbbells) or elastic bands. With this type of training
    you can increase your muscle strength and build muscle mass. When doing resistance
    training, you should gradually increase the dumbbells weight. This is essential if
    you’ve never done strength classes to avoid possible injury or joint damage. Don’t fear
    to weights, you won’t become giant or masculine, on the contrary, you will see your
    body toned and your muscles strong. A good strength training session should include
    training the main muscle groups of our body. Do not do isolated exercises or neglect
    some areas of the body.


  • Nutrition plays a key role in building and maintaining muscle mass. Proteins are
    especially important because they provide the amino acids needed to build new muscle
    tissue. Be sure to eat protein at every meal, especially after resistance training.

Rest and recovery

  • Rest and recovery are equally important to maintain muscle mass. During sleep, your
    body repairs and builds new muscle tissue. Additionally, adequate rest can help
    prevent injuries that could interrupt your exercise routine.

Remember, besides the loss of muscle mass is a natural part of aging, it is possible to maintain
and even build muscle mass after the age of 40!
How to start? My online training programs are designed to build muscle mass and to
guide you to get SUPER FIT after 40 years!