1) Take the stairs! This is one of my favorite options! First, because it is very easy to accomplish in the day and then because you burn a lot of calories in a short time. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator increases your heart rate, helps with balance, and improves lower extremity strength. Give your body and your heart a boost! 

2)  Take your meetings walking!  Schedule a walk for one call a day, especially if you work from home or have a virtual meeting scheduled! If you don’t have a job that requires meetings, schedule your personal, banking, or family issues for the day on a walking tour. 

3) Do more lunges! As you see in my Social media, I have little free time, I work and I’m a mom. So I’m looking to optimize my spaces and make the most of them… you may look at me funny but a few lunges when you stand up from the dining room to the kitchen or from your workplace to get a drink of water can help your daily calorie burn a lot!  Go for it, it can be a lot of fun!

4) Sit on an exercise ball Swap out your office chair for a stability ball. This can help with back pain and help improve posture, and while sitting on the ball, you can do some gentle mobility stretches for your neck, pelvis, and spine.

5) Park far away Consider parking farther away from the entrance to the place you’re going. A few minutes of walking here and there adds up over time and can increase your daily step count. This one never fails!

6) Walk your pet! Going for a walk with your pet and your family is a win-win, it’s family time, your pet drains energy and you increase your daily steps without even realizing it. 

7) Dance whenever you can! Put on some music and let yourself go. You can do it while making dinner, folding laundry or vacuuming. Dancing is a great way to burn calories and work on balance and coordination.

8)  Exercise or stretch while watching TV Walk on the treadmill, use an exercise bike, stretch on the floor, do weights to strengthen your upper and total body, or do pilates during your next Netflix session. If you watch a 30-minute show and move the entire time, you’ll be getting 30 minutes of exercise that you weren’t getting before. 

Start step by step by adding a few of them that you feel comfortable with. And when you feel it’s part of your routine, incorporate short weight training workouts that will keep your body active, healthy and strong. I invite you to check out my FIT30 workout program that has easy to follow classes of only 30 minutes a day, live or recorded, to do wherever you want, whenever you want! Join us!

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