Stretching is so important and so forgotten by many, even by me. We downplay the importance of stretching sessions without realizing that they are actually as valuable as the training itself. 

Many people may think that stretching is something that only runners or high-performance athletes do. But we all need to stretch to protect our mobility and joints. In addition, it also helps us to normalize our heart rate and connect mind and body. 

In addition, everyday life brings many challenges that generate stress that can be retained in the muscles. Stretching provides numerous benefits that help your body stay healthier. One of the most important is stress relief.

Why include stretching in your daily routine?

Stretching keeps muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and it is precisely this flexibility that allows us to maintain the range of motion in our joints as we go about our daily routines or exercise. Without it, muscles shorten and tighten.  This poses a risk of joint pain, strains, and muscle damage.

Many times we go straight into relaxation mode after our workout, but the reality is that we should spend between 5 -10 min to properly stretching our muscles. 

Benefits of stretching

There are several specific benefits of stretching after finishing your workout, here are some of them:

1. Reduces stiffness and risk of injury: muscles that remain tight after a workout are more prone to injury. Loosening muscles will reduce the risk of injury.

2. Gradual relaxation:  it is beneficial for the body and mind to relax gradually. When you stretch after a workout, you give yourself a chance to gradually relax.

3. Elimination of lactic acid: lactic acid is produced when you exercise. This substance can make muscles sore and tired. Stretching can help reduce the amount of lactic acid throughout the body.

I share with you one of my stretching sessions so you can include it after your daily workout or dedicate a day of the week exclusively to mobility:

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